Sunday, March 28, 2010

to the Plowshares 8, with love by Daniel Berrigan - 30th anniversary

(to the Plowshares 8, with love)
by Daniel Berrigan

Some stood up once, and sat down.
Some walked a mile, and walked away.
Some stood up twice, then sat down.
"It's too much," they cried.
Some walked two miles, then walked away.
"I've had it," they cried.
Some stood and stood and stood.
They were taken for fools,
they were taken for being taken in.
Some walked and walked and walked –
they walked the earth,
they walked the waters,
they walked the air.
"Why do you stand?" they were asked, and
"Why do you walk?"
"Because of the children," they said, and
"Because of the heart," and
"Because of the bread."
"Because the cause is
the heart's beat, and
the children born, and
the risen bread."

Honoring the Plowshares 8
30th anniversary of the Plowshares Eight action
On September 9, 1980, eight people entered a General Electric weapons factory in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, where critical components for nuclear warheads were manufactured. With hope and a prayer, the activists entered the secure facility with relative ease. On the shop floor, they took household hammers and began beating on the missile warhead cones, giving substance to the biblical call of the prophet Isaiah to "beat swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks."

The symbolism – indeed, the manifest reality – of people with hand tools simply beginning the work of nuclear disarmament inspired a movement now thirty years old, and international in scope. Scores of action groups, involving hundreds of people as activists and supporters, have kept this vision of disarmament alive despite jail and prison sentences of up to 18 years.


Manaus said...

I like how plowshares made activism art.

Per Herngren said...

And activism as art and stories might be the way to create resonance!

(If you don't believe in resistance as a linear mechanics with cause and effect, the larger mass the more effect...)

manaus said...

Yes, a spontaneous "conspiracy" of the like-minded is initiated by an action and produces resonances- is that what you mean?

Per Herngren said...

And resonace is also a way to save energy. A guitar string can sound in a quite big hall just getting into resonance with some wood.

In resonance with each other tiny actions of art and good story telling can create big effects.

Resonance doesn't mean 'doing the same', copying or maybe not like-minded. It is just actions getting into dissonance and resonance with each other.

Like having a resistance celebration and festival at the plowshares trials. By not protesting but celebrating resistance the trial gets into another resonance with the plowshares resistance than if the resister would just protest or complain.

(sorry about my english, I am Swedish)