Monday, September 11, 2006

Positive resistance vs. proactive resistance

… from the Vine & Fig Tree chat 2006-09-11

Question from Les in England:

morning you all - have just got in after a bit of early morning fresh air - cut my hair and now going to bathe, however first ....on other matters, I am considering being included in some resistance in London which is largely protest orientated - however we (our affinity group) would like to have a post protest angle perspective. Our affinity group are planning to put up a tent with art all over it (post protest art) in a restricted area for free spirit camping and maybe plant a few trees (who knows). The overall plan was to make a peace camp in Parliament Square area. Any feedback on how to make sure this is proactive and we do not get into the trap of protesting would be most welcomed from you guys (guys as in gender non-specific word).


My morning in Sweden is not fresh, yet …

I think it is important to differ between positive resistance and proactive resistance. At the Disarmament camps 92, 93 and 95 in Sweden, we had our own rule against all protest and negative messages, which made the camps more positive and attractive for the workers from the attack plane company. It was rather with the Vine & Fig Tree plantings we started experimenting with a more consistent proactive approach.

The strength of proactive/postprotest, from what I understand, is that you are solving the problem (for an hour, or in a specific place, or by disarming weapons, or dismantling machines constructing weapons).

Positive resistance is not solving but promoting a solution. Positive resistance is indirect like negative protest (being against).

Proactive resistance usually includes positive resistance, but positive resistance doesn't have to include the proactive part: be “doing the solution”.

So the proactive question would be. Are we solving the problem (for a moment)?

The positive question would rather be: is our vision, the message, positive - are we promoting a happier world?

Peace, love and salsa,

Per Herngren

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